Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Life

The 27th of January 1756, Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Pertl gave birth to Johannes Chrisostomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart. Leopold Mozart was court composer to the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg and he had seven children, but only two of them survived to adulthood: Amadeus and his sister Maria.

Since he became aware of his children’s talent, Leopold left his job and dedicated himself to the education of his children. In particular, Amadeus was a true child prodigy, althought his sister also showed an exceptional gift for music. She performed various times in front of princes and kings but she had to sacrifice her musical talent for getting married.

When Amadeus was six, his father brought him and Anna in front of Emperor Franz and Amadeus played harpsichord for him. It begins the Mozart family’s tour around Europe: Munich, Augsburg, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Bruxelles, Paris (where 2 compositions of little Mozart were published) and London, where they lived till 1765. The family came back to Salzburg when Amadeus, who was only thirteen, was nominated concertmaster by the Prince-Archbishop. Then the family left for Italy: Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome.

Despite his movings, Amadeus continued studying and improving music technique with discipline. On the contrary, when he became an adult, Wolfgang Amadeus just waited for the inspiration to come, as it happened during the composition of “Don Giovanni”, which was completed just the night before the First Night.
As an adult, Mozart didn’t travel anymore. He lived in Vienna and he enjoyed his job of Court composer while he wasted his money on games, in particular billiards, and women, althought he was married to Costanza Weber, with whom he had six children, but only two of them survived to adulthood.

Mozart died in poverty when he was 35 years old the 5th of december 1791. The day of his funeral was a rainy day and nobody followed the coffin to the cemetery outside the city. The day after, his wife looked for the composer’s grave and discovered that he was buried in a mass grave.
Mozart’s death remains a mistery. Someone says that he was poisoned by his rival Salieri, but there is a legend telling about an unknown person who commissioned a Requiem to Mozart to be completed in one month.

The composer started working on it, but he couldn’t meet the deadline, which was postponed. The messenger didn’t object the delay, but he paid half the commission in advance. His strange behaviour made Mozart think that the Messenger had come to warn him of his own mortality and that he was indeed composing the work for his own death. The messenger probably was a nobleman wishing to pass himself off as the author of the Requiem. However, Mozart died exactly the day after he finished writing the Requiem’s composition.

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