Salzburg, country of the music and the culture!

Salzburg has always been characterized by a unique athmosphere that you will enjoy visiting this beautiful city, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s native town. After visiting the city, many excursions await you in close proximity.
Salzburg is for sure one of the most elegant cities in Austria. Full of culture, it’s called the “Florence of the North“. Everything in the city recalls Mozart: monuments, streets and even chocolate. Therefore, every year many festivals and musical events are organized.


A Roman Municipium, the city was called Iuvavum. In the 5th century St. Ruprecht and his monks began to evangelize the city. Later called Salzburg thanks to salt-mines, the bishopric became an archbishopric in 798 and it became a base for missionary activities. The city played a very important role during the Investiture Conflict, when the fortress Hohensalzburg was built. It was a site of fierce fighting among archbishops, aristocrats, middle-class persons and farmers and its archiepiscopal title was very much desired and fighted.

In 1500 – 1600, archbishops were often distracted from the problems faced by the Catholic Church by political issues and artistic-cultural flowering. Secularized in 1802, it passed under the Habsburgsand it began an Austrian district in 1849. Starting from 1918, it is the capital of the federal republic of Austria. In 1921, the people of Salzburg voted for annexation to Germany causing bad reactions in France.

The City

Salzburg is the native land of the famous musician and composer Wolfang Amadeus Mozart and it is well known for the Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele), which is held each summer. Relaxing and elegant, it still is one of the favourite city for art and cultural lovers. Salzburg is located on the river Salzbach and it’s dominated by the ancient castle. It was the seat of powerful feudal and ecclesiastic lords.

Cultural and artistic centre, it hosts music conservatoires and the famous Salzburg Festival, a prominent festival of music and drama. The city is renowned for its warm and friendly atmosphere and it offers a large variety of hotels welcoming tourists from all over the word.


Salzburg shows public and cultural buildings and it preserves epigraphs and mosaics coming from nearby villas. In the oldest part of the city stretching between the river Salzbach and hills you can find picturesque streets and squares with fountains and old houses in baroque style. First founded in 774 AD, the Salzburg Cathedral was rebuilt in the XI century and then rebuilt again between 1614 and 1628 following the project of the architect S. Solari. In the surrounding area, the architect Scamozzi planned 4 new squares.

This cathedral has three apses and a two-tower façade. The interior is decorated with frescos and stuccos and it preserves a rich collection of jewellery dating back to Carolingian and Romanesque times. The Hohensalzburg castle dominates the old city. Dating back to the XI century, the castle underwent many transformations during the XV-XVI and XVIII centuries. Archiepiscopal residence from 1120, it preserves remarkable baroque and classicizing interiors.

Mozart’s Birth-House

Your best starting point for the Mozart-tour of Salzburg is this building at 9 Getreidegasse, Mozart’s Birth-House (Mozarts Geburtshaus). The musician was born here on January 27, 1756. The Mozarts lived on the third floor of this bourgeois building dating back to the 1400’s in the heart of the old part of Salzburg. Wolfang Amadeus was the last child among his seven siblings and he soon moved with his family into a bigger house in Makartplatz thanks to his father’s job as Chapel director.

Since then, this building in Getreidegasse with its charming inner courtyard hasn’t changed a lot, making exception for the rococo facade which was restored in classical style. Today, the building belongs to the International Mozarteum Foundation and it hosts a museum dedicated to the musician.

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